Gary Waters (Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Work at Berry College)

My highest recommendation for Douglas. He is 100% committed to the Salvation Army mission lives it out every day. He is leader who leads and serves with integrity and humbleness.

May 12, 2016, Gary worked directly with Douglas at The Salvation Army-Rome, GA

Robin Holt (Coordinator for Training and Student Enterprises at Berry College)

Doug is a great motivator of people and a visionary when it comes to programming. He is a minister to the soul and serves those who come through the Salvation Army with love. He is an excellent marketer as well, managing the social media presence for the Army. He works tirelessly to insure that those in need in our area are helped. Thank you Doug for your work.

May 3, 2016, Robin worked with Douglas at The Salvation Army-Rome, GA

Mark Kozera (Director-Employer Development at Berry College)

Doug McClure is dedicated disciple to Christ and a tireless soldier for the Salvation Army. He is a visionary, constantly coming up with ideas to promote the Salvation Army and make the community better. He networks extremely well, drawing on resources from across the state, throughout the year. He has excellent social media skills, musical skills, and delivers an inspirational sermon on Sundays.Not bad! He is also organized as has good business acumen to manage a family store, shelter, and other services delivered.

April 27, 2016, Mark worked with Douglas at The Salvation Army-Rome, GA

Doug Rea (Commercial Account Mgr at Wade Ford)

I had the pleasure of working with Doug in variety of service projects in the Albany, GA, area for about 2 years. Doug clearly has an aptitude for administration, as well as an understanding of leadership that includes goal setting, planning, implementation, and delegation.

At one particular time, Connections Church was looking for an avenue in which to serve the community in the in a charitable manner. Within moments of speaking with our board of elders, Doug had not only won us over with his enthusiasm, but he also exhibited an air of professionalism, as well as a thorough knowledge of his field. The church, consequentially, partnered with his organization. Our goals were met with great success thanks to Doug’s planning, organizational skills, and a helpful, well-informed staff.

Having spent many quality hours with Doug on personal level, I can attest that his character is above reproach. He is an honest man who prioritizes correctly, and puts the needs of others before his own. His sense of humor is refreshing, his compassion contagious, and his personality magnetic.

It is with no reservation that I recommend Doug McClure to any organization that is looking for a competent visionary who possesses the skills and loyalty necessary to bring any project or assignment to fruition – and will do so in a manner that will match or exceed expectations.

April 18, 2013, Doug worked with Douglas at The Salvation Army-Albany, GA

David Blackwell (Founder, CEO, With Perfection, Inc.)
It has been one of the joy’s of my life serving my community alongside Captain McClure! I have worked and served with him in various settings. He is a blessing. His gifts will encourage, challenge and equip you to strive to be a better servant leader. We have served together in a divided community and accomplished things that many said would never happen. Above all, I am blessed to call him my friend!

May 11, 2012, David worked with Douglas at The Salvation Army-Albany, GA


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