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  • We Believe: Day 1 – Who Are You Listening To?

    If you have not heard this awesome album, you can listen to it here, or at http://transmission.virb.com/webelieve. Have you ever ridden on public transportation before? Or attended a sports game? Or visited an elementary school? If you have, what do all of these venues have in common? Did you guess it? Noise, sound, voices… Like […]

  • The Clause of Christmas (Christmas at the Movies – The Santa Clause)

    Title: The Clause of Christmas Series: Christmas at the Movies – The Santa Clause Scripture: Isaiah 8:19-9:7 Theme(s): belief, need, promise, future, provision, light, freedom Scott Calvin is a man like most of us. He is too busy or too distracted. He is trying hard to make things work on his own, but he just […]