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  • Caring for Others Along the Road (Easter Saturday)

    Title: Caring for Others Along the Road Series: Walking the Road of Easter (Misc. Devotional) Scripture: Luke 23:50-56 Theme(s): Repentance, Compassion, Caring, Stepping Out DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT After the darkest moment in human history, we find a short telling of a man who was faced with an opportunity to act. Joseph of Arimathea is described by […]

  • Oh, How He Loves

    Mark 1:40-45 NLT “Everyone needs compassion, a love that never fails.” We live in a world where there are hurting people everywhere. Failed relationships, death, the economy, and loss of self cause people, including ourselves, to feel disconnected and in pain. We have lost faith with our communities. We have lost faith in our government […]