Place of Quiet Rest

Do you have a special place? Do you have a place of “quiet rest”?

There is a place of quiet rest,
Near to the heart of God,
Cleland Boyd McAfee (1866-1944)

Photo credit to Paula Blevins
Photo credit to Paula Blevins

Some people enjoy being out in nature. Some people like being in beautiful spaces. Some people have a special “prayer closet”. Where do you go when you want to be with God?

I have not always had a place or a time. In fact, it is something that I still struggle with! I have also struggled with time. I am not necessarily a morning person.

What is your best place and time? Where do you find your place of “quiet rest”?

Special Church Welcome

Special Church Welcome

We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, gay, filthy rich, dirt poor, yo no habla Ingles. We extend a special welcome to those who are crying new-borns, skinny as a rail or could afford to lose a few pounds.

We welcome you if you can sing like Andrea Bocelli or like our pastor who can’t carry a note in a bucket. You’re welcome here if you’re “just browsing,” just woke up or just got out of jail. We don’t care if you’re more Catholic than the Pope, or haven’t been in church since little Joey’s Baptism.

We extend a special welcome to those who are over 60 but not grown up yet, and to teenagers who are growing up too fast. We welcome soccer moms, NASCAR dads, starving artists, tree-huggers, latte-sippers, vegetarians, junk-food eaters. We welcome those who are in recovery or still addicted. We welcome you if you’re having problems or you’re down in the dumps or if you don’t like “organized religion,” we’ve been there too.

If you blew all your offering money at the dog track, you’re welcome here. We offer a special welcome to those who think the earth is flat, work too hard, don’t work, can’t spell, or because grandma is in town and wanted to go to church.

We welcome those who are inked, pierced or both. We offer a special welcome to those who could use a prayer right now, had religion shoved down your throat as a kid or got lost in traffic and wound up here by mistake. We welcome tourists, seekers and doubters, bleeding hearts…and you!

Borrowed from Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Community!

range (god.notes)

Range – A portion of the range of the instrument or voice.

Jeremiah 29:11 NLT – “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

According to Wikipedia: In music, the range of a musical instrument is the distance from the lowest to the highest pitch it can play. For a singing voice, the equivalent is vocal range. The range of a musical part is the distance between its lowest and highest note.

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.–St. Augustine

There is only one you.  God broke the mold when He made you.  Even if you are a twin, there is still only one person totally like you.  There is only one person with all of your experiences, all of your memories, all of your quirks.  “God made you special, and He loves you very much!”  God created you for a special purpose, a special task, a special project.  He also gave your life limits.  You can only do so much!  You can only learn so much!  You can only meet so many people!  You will live a certain amount of time!  You can only text so many people!
God already knows the plans that He has for you.  He has good stuff for you.  We have a place in the great symphony of God’s creation.  Our lives were specially designed to fit a certain “register.”  Some people may rise higher than we do.  Some people may go lower than we do.  We were created to be the person that God wants us to be.  Who we can be in God has to be explored.  We need to push out and do as much as God has planned for us.  We need to discover what we were created for.  And, it all starts with, ends at, includes, depends on, survives because, lasts while, exists because, is fulfilled by God.
Questions to think about:
  • Have we completely discovered God’s purpose for our lives?
  • Have we thanked God for His loving creation of us?
  • Now, that we have talked about how special we are, is there something that we are doing that we need to stop doing to God’s special creation?
Dear God, thank You for me.  Thank You for everything that You have done for me.  Thank You for the plans of my life.  Thank You for my abilities and limitations. Amen.