Family Vacation 2011-Day 5, Staycation Day

Today was a great day!

We visited the Flint Riverquarium. We saw fish and…

turtles. They have a great place.

We played the Weather Game!

We saw lots of great animals!


We went to the aviary.

Xander wanted to take some pictures with a turtle.



We had a great lunch with some friends!

Then we took the boys to see Cars 2 in 3D. It was a pretty good movie.

Then, we got home. The boys got to go swimming…


and I got to cook dinner!


We watched the new “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” movie. It was a great end of our vacation!

Family Vacation 2011-Day 2, End of day and Making memories

So, the day is ending a little brighter!

6 kids in bed, 2 are actually asleep! Watching Pirates of the Caribbean with my sister, brother, and wife!


At least, we made a memory at “arts & crafts” time. We made souvenir Jellystone tshirts. Matt-Matt let me help him color his a little bit.

Family Vacation 2011-Day 2, Vacation Trouble

OK. I am not a complainer normally, but today has been a hard day!

First, at the water park, there was a child care which was allowing their children to run around unchecked. They were pushing my sons and my nephews around and getting in front of them. When my wife finally and tried to stop them, they claimed she was lying. It was not a good situation!

Next, it starts to rain and rain a lot. It rained from 230 and it is still raining tonight around 8pm. We went to the Activities Center and, yes, they have activities, but they all have price tags.

And, guess what, tomorrow is a 60% chance of rain! Yeah, us!

Good news: I got to take Cameron and Xander fishing for the first time.


Oh, well…I am out of the office with my family!