Sticky Situations

When my son was 10 months old, I learned that everything can be used to make a mess.  Once, my son received a lollipop and we decided to allow him to enjoy it “his” way. He started very slowly.  You could imagine with the combination of sugar and something new, it was not going to be pretty.  As we guessed, within the next few minutes, it was all over his face and in his hair.  He absolutely enjoyed every inch of that lollipop.   He was definitely in a sticky situation.  But, if you looked at my son, he was as happy as ever. I would have been upset to have all of that on me. Maybe, because I am as tall as other adults (not mentally mind you), I always have to have things in neat and orderly packages.  Peter in Acts 12 finds himself in a sticky situation.  He is imprisoned in jail for his faith. He is in jail because of standing up for his beliefs. Do we find Peter crying or complaining, “no”!?  He is praying in earnest!  Maybe, you are like that!  Some of us are always thinking first of what we do not have.  Or we want things all wrapped up and easy to understand.  To get out of a “sticky situation,” maybe we should remember that we are NEVER alone! We should remember to sing out to God even in our sticky situations.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for “sticky situations.”  Thank you that they always remind me to depend on you and not myself.  Thank you for being the One who always stays with me and helps “clean” me off. Amen

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