Facebook vs. Twitter

Facebook vs. Twitter.

Here is some interesting information from Digital Surgeons concerning the use of media giants, Facebook and Twitter.

A quote from the article:

Think of what this means to your ministry. How many young people live near or around your church or parish? For every 10 that you see, 8 of them have a Facebook AND a Twitter account.

Ask yourself, how long can I wait to get into the stream of community?

SermonGeneral Out!

2 responses to “Facebook vs. Twitter”

  1. Great question! We are now part of this more than ever-connected, and ever-expanding community. People’s first interaction with a ministry, business, nonprofit, etc is at Google’s search box.

    We see great opportunity with social networks like twitter, facebook, youtube, etc to engage and connect with our audience. But we need to find the ability to create content and build a community around our media. i believe we are just at the beginning stage of these customer behavioral shifting.

    Have you read “Predictably Irrational”? It’s a nice book that both exemplifies and explains this shift in the cultural winds. Dan Ariely, says that “life with fewer market norms and more social norms would be more satisfying, creative, fulfilling and fun.” I really like the way he explains in some different thinking what motivates people to do things.

    The challenge is to communicate and engage with those who share our values, like-minded individuals and helping them to connect with others. But the major challenge is to say the message in a fashionable way so it can be attractive, shared and hopefully become viral.

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