6 Social Ministry Tips for Leaders and Others


Mashable has provided us 6 effective strategies for small businesses.  I have done some translating and editing for church/ministry/youth group/etc. use for you, but the original link is at the top if you want to see it.

RE_MASHABLE: 6 Social Ministry Tips for Church & Small Groups

1. Your Members Know Best – Find out what social media networks your members are on and share there.  Most of our current group does not use email, but they are all on Facebook.  We share on Facebook, because that is where the majority of them are.

2. “Social Media Isn’t Necessarily Free” – While it does not cost much to start most social media networks, it does take time and creative energy to stay engaged with it.  If you think it is a priority for your ministry/small group, then go after it.  There are still many groups who do not have a presence online.

3. Don’t Measure Success by Member Counts – Just because another church or group or brand has more friends/followers, it does not mean that you are not doing a good job.  People might be “subscribed”, but they may not be plugging in.  Remain engaging and keep it fresh!

4. Put a Face to the Name – It cannot always be about your group or church.  Let people see the person or people behind the screen that is sharing.  Social Media guru, Jenily Silva (www.jenilysilva.com) recently shared with me that “I must become a brand.”  People want to see, not only what is going on, but also the people who are making it happen.

5. Learn from the Experts – Look at what other groups are doing and do that!  If it works, keep it.  If it doesn’t, find something else to try.  What works for big churches does not always work for little churches.

6. “Get Help Without Relinquishing Identity” – Find some other people in your group to help you keep it going!  You need to still maintain the focus, but you do not have to provide all of the content.  Find people who like to share and let them share.

Huge shout out to Mashable for the great ideas!  I would encourage you to read the original article.

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