Does Easter have to be Happy for Friday to be Good?

A reflection on Good Friday

Yesterday was Good Friday.  I  had a chance to hear some good speaking and music.  I had some good fellowship with friends and family.  I even had a few moments to myself!

As I was browsing through various social media sites, I saw many different posts featuring scripture and various comments.  There was an overwhelming majority in the posts.  Basically, most people said, “Today is Good Friday, but Sunday is coming!”  I even saw an online greeting card with that sentiment.

I get it.  We love Easter Sunday!  We love the idea of Christ being resurrected.  We love the pageantry and the songs.  My personal Lord and Savior is risen from the dead, and “He is Lord!”

But, what about Good Friday?  Does Easter have to be Happy for Friday to be Good?  While the two events are connected, they do not eclipse each other.  They represent two different events that have changed my life.  I understand what people mean.  The very thought that my best friend, my savior, was buried in a tomb for three days by people like me is disgusting and heartbreaking.  I do not want Christ to spend one more minute buried in that tomb.

I may not want it, but I need Him to be there.  My friend, Garrett, said this Friday, it is “an awful tradition in our Christian heritage to skip ahead to Easter.”  What Jesus did on Good Friday is as important as what he did on Easter Sunday!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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