Walking in His "Majestic" Presence: Week 3

Note to reader: This is a single part of a multi-sectioned devotional series surrounding the transMission album, “Majestic.”  All of the devotionals will be filed under the category marked “Walking in His ‘Majestic’ Presence.”

Will You Catch Me, Daddy?

Play track 3 of “Majestic” entitled “Majestic.”  You can stream it live here.

Being the father of four sons provides life with many challenges, opportunities, and blessings.  Being the oldest “guy” in my house means I get to be the builder, the holder, the spotter, the thrower, the pusher, the puller, the carrier, the cleaner, and lately, the catcher.
My sons have found that jumping off of things is just about the most fun in the whole, wide world.  From beds to couches to chairs to shelves to cars, and even occasionally, the cat, our boys will jump from it.  In the pool, one of the favorite games is jumping into the pool from the side.  They do cannonballs. They do belly flops. I can even get the occasional “can opener” from the oldest.
The secret in jumping for the McClure boys is simple.  We will jump as long as you are there to watch and usually catch us.  “Watch me, Daddy!”. “Catch me, Daddy!”
To see some of their work, you can watch my twins doing “Pillow-Jumping” here.  All of my sons have played “Pillow-Jumping.”
My sons jump into my arms because they trust me.  They know I am strong enough to catch them and hold them.  They know that I will not drop them.  Of course, there is always the possibility that I might drop them, but they know with me that it is a small possibility.  We all have a need for security, for safety.  We all need someone we can depend on.  What do you think the possibility that God will drop us?
Jeremiah 32:17 NLT – O Sovereign Lord! You made the heavens and earth by your strong hand and powerful arm. Nothing is too hard for you!
“Majestic” is the title cut from this album.  “Majestic” is a beautiful number with great lyrics.  Compared to some of the other tracks from the album, the melody begins rather simply.  It has a a very gentle quality which allows the strength of the lyric to come through.
A phrase that grabs me from both of the verses is:
Thank You Lord, for Your great love
Your arm is not too short to save
What an amazing thought!  God’s great love!  God’s love for us is so great!  And, not only does He love us, His “arm” will not come up short!  When we jump into the arms of God, He will catch us.  He will not drop us!  There is no possibility that God will “drop” us.  His arm has “raised our souls up from the grave.”  He has “saved us from the hands of enemies.”
Will you catch us, Daddy?  Yes, my son or daughter, I will!
Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. nice one! I like this series. I like the phrase you quoted and as i was listening to it Marty sang those words just as i was reading! : )

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