10 tips for using Twitter if you’re new to it from @digitalchrist

10 tips for using Twitter if you’re new to it.

Here is a great post that was written for people new to Twitter, but also a nice refresher for those who have been using it awhile.

Take my advice when it comes to social media!  People follow people!  Pay attention to tip #7 about getting a good picture of yourself as your avatar.

If you are interested in getting deeper into social media for your ministry of group, you might want to check out developing a Gravatar.  A gravatar is a globally recognized avatar that “graphically” speaks out who you are.  It can be a cartoon you, you in a movie, you at work, you with someone famous, etc.  But, it needs to be you!  People will think your kids are cute, but they might never see the pictures if they have no idea whose avatar it is!  I also do not recommend changing your avatar/profile picture to support a cause.  Shout out, tweet up, post all about it!  But, once again, if someone has no idea who you are, they might not listen!

Listen up, my tweeps!  Rule #1 for social media is like the answer on how to get to Carnegie Hall.  Practice, practice, practice!  Try something new!  Post it a different way!  Catch people’s eye!

If I can use the inspiration of the Lord in the NDV (New Doug Version):

Repost online always. I will say it again: Repost! (found in SocialMinistry 4:4)

My “blasphemy” aside, be consistent!  Share yourself!  More importantly, share who Jesus is through you!

Can I get a “retweet”?  Holla!

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