Day 3 & 4 of Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) Response – Wilkes-Barre, PA Area Flooding

We are now into an interesting time in the emergency disaster services plan.  Our original response to the flooding in this area has been feeding.  We have begun to supplement that feeding program with cleanup kits, bags of ice, snacks, and bottled water.

As the numbers of people requiring mobile feeding have declined, we are now moving from the response to recovery phase of a disaster response.  The Incident Command team has been busy today preparing S.A.F.A.C.  S.A.F.A.C. is The Salvation Army Flood Assistance Center.

The Salvation Army Flood Assistance Center is being designed to offer families more intense social services than our normally offered at a corps (church).  We are looking at providing food boxes, clothing vouchers, and even some form of financial assistance in an effort to relieve the trauma that has affected this area.

Lt. Billie Powell from LaGrange, GA will be leading the caseworkers in providing this assistance to affected families and individuals.  Every care is made to not increase the level of distress a client has already experienced.  We are also taking many safeguards to protect client’s personal information and dignity.

The Salvation Army is utilizing some of the same procedures that is uses across the nation is creating a warm and welcoming environment for people to receive the assistance that they need.  The Planning and Operations team have provided a kids’ activity center and refreshment area.

Captain Todd Mason has been assigned to Incident Command as the Planning Chief.  One of Captain Mason’s responsibilities is the design and implementation of the disaster assistance center.

The Planning Chief works and develops the future plan of service and demobilization strategy of The Salvation Army.

Captain Mason is the administrator of The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center of Augusta, GA.  Captain Mason is an experienced field officer who has served on 16 disaster responses.

While the Incident Command staff plays a vital role in the overall efforts of a disaster response, volunteers are the lifeblood of any service.  Below are two quick interview with a volunteer, Donald Rousch, and employee responder, Ali Brunner.

Disaster teams and staff also like to have fun!  The following video, featuring Lt. Dan Nelson (Danville, KY), gives a glimpse into his mind.  We asked Lt. Nelson what he did all day!

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