Thoughts from Oklahoma: Day 8-Big Storms, Small Towns #PrayForOklahoma

It has been all over the media! Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms all over the central Oklahoma area have been causing some major damage and have even claimed lives! The EF-5 tornado that came through Newcastle and Moore was highly destructive. The recent tornado through El Reno has now been labeled as an EF-5 as well being called the widest tornado on the planet.While the tornado from Moore has captured the hearts of the people due to the increased media attention, there were smaller towns that were deeply affected by these natural disasters.

Having been sent out by the Incident Command, I have spent the last five days in places like Shawnee (Pottawatomie County), Carney (Lincoln County), and Little Axe (Cleveland County). While the May 19th storm may not have been as big as the May 20 or 31, the impact on these smaller communities is still great! Little Axe is more than 25 minutes outside of Norman. The MARC (multi-agency resource center) is located at the local elementary school. Relief workers and responders are having to drive in from Oklahoma City and Norman to provide relief and assistance.

With more significant weather coming into this area this week, these people are desperately in need of relief and safety!

Prayer for the people of Oklahoma, all of the the people of Oklahoma!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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