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  • Life Has No Opposite

    As the final days of this year have drawn to a close and the first day of the New Year has come, I, like many people, become more reflective and introspective. This past month has been a source of much emotion. The month started with the loss of people. A good friend and good man […]

  • Empty Kettles, Full Lives

    Every day, The Salvation Army in locations all around the world, and in your local community, send out bell ringers, red kettles, and shiny bells out into the world in the hopes that the general public would be generous. Each day these empty buckets go out empty. The plan is for them to come back full. […]

  • So, You Are Moving! 10 Things to Remember During a Transition

    This weekend is a transition week for The Salvation Army in the South! Officers (ministers) have received their farewell orders and will be leaving their congregations and communities that they have poured heart and soul into for other “harvest fields.” While officers are aware of this reality during the training period, reality still sets in […]

  • 5 Lessons I Learned from the General’s Visit

    Recently, General André Cox visited the southern part of the United States for an annual gathering of The Salvation Army. General Cox is the 20th General of The Salvation Army. As General, he is the international leader of the Army. He was elected into office on August 3, 2013. You can find some more detail […]

  • Place of Quiet Rest

    Do you have a special place? Do you have a place of “quiet rest”? There is a place of quiet rest, Near to the heart of God, Cleland Boyd McAfee (1866-1944) Some people enjoy being out in nature. Some people like being in beautiful spaces. Some people have a special “prayer closet”. Where do you […]

  • Thoughts from Oklahoma: Day 3-Two Generations of Service

    I have served on, including this one, eleven deployments for disaster services. I have served in various capacities from operating canteens to working in the warehouse to being the Incident Commander. On all of those deployments, I never did something that I have now done. In Oklahoma, I have had the opportunity to serve with […]

  • Thoughts from Oklahoma: Day 2-Partners in Service

    One of the greatest thing that I have witnessed today is the wonderful partners in service that have come along side of The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services. Pictured here is a trailer from Papa John’s that has been preparing pizzas for anyone who walks up. This is the first time we have partnered with […]

  • Thoughts from Oklahoma: Day 1-Seat at the Table

    Lately, I have found that writing out my feelings helps me to express some of the complex emotions that I experience. Having served on my first complete day at the Oklahoma City area tornadoes, I am left with those very same complex emotions! As we drove through many affected and destroyed neighborhoods, I noticed a […]

  • Finding the LIKE button :: Thoughts from @CraveableChurch

    Finding the LIKE button :: Thoughts from @CraveableChurch

    In chapter 5 of Craveable, Artie Davis ends chapter 5 with the thought, “People have to like me before they will listen to me” (Davis, Artie (2013-02-05). Craveable: The irresistible Jesus in me (p. 37). Passio. Kindle Edition). The whole idea or concept of the book is becoming a person that reflects the image of […]

  • Thoughts about Inauguration 2013

    I am praying for the President of the United States… Not because… I think he will do a bad job I do not agree with his viewpoints He is outside of God’s will I think 2016 will be better without him He has made poor choices But, because: I urge you, first of all, to […]