Finding the LIKE button :: Thoughts from @CraveableChurch

In chapter 5 of Craveable, Artie Davis ends chapter 5 with the thought, “People have to like me before they will listen to me” (Davis, Artie (2013-02-05). Craveable: The irresistible Jesus in meImage (p. 37). Passio. Kindle Edition). The whole idea or concept of the book is becoming a person that reflects the image of Christ and causes others to want to be like Him. What the author says is true! People do not listen to those people they do not like! We fool ourselves thinking that people will listen to us just because we are right! The battle for the “right” has left many bodies strewn along it’s path! John Maxwell says that, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Being right about something should also have the physical component of us expressing “being right” in how we carry ourselves and interact with others!

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