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  • 2014 Christmas Card

    5×7 Stationery Card

  • Going Blue

    Today is National Awareness Day for 2014! I know there are many days on the calendar that are designated for a special purpose or cause. In fact, you can find a 2014 calendar here that shares many of these special days. There are many people who suffer with many issues. Honestly, cancer sucks, diabetes sucks, […]

  • Why We Need to Reclaim Santa Claus

    After having lunch today with my friend, Garrett Andrew, and listening to him share his sermon from the past Sunday, I could not get the thought of “Reclaiming Santa Claus” out of my head. I have included a link to Garrett’s sermon at the bottom of this post. One of the thrusts of Garrett’s sermon […]

  • Family Vacation 2011-Day 5, Staycation Day

    Today was a great day! We visited the Flint Riverquarium. We saw fish and… turtles. They have a great place. We played the Weather Game! We saw lots of great animals! We went to the aviary. Xander wanted to take some pictures with a turtle. We had a great lunch with some friends! Then we […]

  • Family Vacation 2011-Day 3, End of the Day Rave

    The trip has been eventful, so we decided to have the 1st Annual Wrighton/McClure Go-Gurt Rave! You know you are jealous!

  • Wo Dje Boat!

    Often while I am driving home, I sing with my two sons.  Xander and Cameron love singing almost any kind of song you could imagine!  One of Cameron’s favorites is “Row, Row, Row your boat.”  Lemony Snickett describes this song as a “a well known hymn of naval disaster”.  One of the reasons I think […]