Why We Need to Reclaim Santa Claus

After having lunch today with my friend, Garrett Andrew, and listening to him share his sermon from the past Sunday, I could not get the thought of “Reclaiming Santa Claus” out of my head. I have included a link to Garrett’s sermon at the bottom of this post.

One of the thrusts of Garrett’s sermon was that we need to “reclaim” the idea of the true nature of Saint Nicholas and what he stood for and why he was a saint in the first place. Saint Nicholas, known commonly as Santa Claus, is the patron saint of children. The story of Saint Nicholas includes many miracles and the most important ones include service to children and families.

Our idea of Santa Claus does emanate from this saint but we have lost the true sense of what made the life and story of Saint Nicholas so special.

The thought and understanding of giving a gift without receiving one is the true definition of Santa Claus. Looking out for the less fortunate and downtrodden, not for our benefit, but because we are called to it is the true definition of Santa Claus. Making the welfare of others more important than how we see ourselves is the true definition of Santa Claus.

This Christmas in my own struggles with how I understand Christmas there needs to be a chance to “reclaim Santa Claus” in my own life!

Soli Deo Gloria!

The link to Garrett’s sermon:

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