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  • 2014 Christmas Card

    5×7 Stationery Card

  • Going Blue

    Today is National Awareness Day for 2014! I know there are many days on the calendar that are designated for a special purpose or cause. In fact, you can find a 2014 calendar here that shares many of these special days. There are many people who suffer with many issues. Honestly, cancer sucks, diabetes sucks, […]

  • Thoughts from Oklahoma: Day 3-Two Generations of Service

    I have served on, including this one, eleven deployments for disaster services. I have served in various capacities from operating canteens to working in the warehouse to being the Incident Commander. On all of those deployments, I never did something that I have now done. In Oklahoma, I have had the opportunity to serve with […]

  • Serving through Education

    Don’t let them waste their time in endless discussion of myths and spiritual pedigrees. These things only lead to meaningless speculations, which don’t help people live a life of faith in God. (1 Timothy 1:4 NLT) I am a third generation Salvation Army officer (minister). For three generations, my family has been sharing and showing […]

  • A Surprise Along the Way (2012 Easter SONrise Service)

    Title: A Surprise Along the Way Series: Walking the Road of Easter (SONrise Service) Scripture: Luke 24:1-12 Theme(s): Surprise, God’s provision, Purpose, Importance DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT Let’s catch up in our story! Jesus, our Lord and leader of our group, has just been killed and buried. According to tradition some of the women have prepared the […]

  • From Jeff Goins: Why Taking a Break from Technology is Sometimes Necessary

    Why Taking a Break from Technology is Sometimes Necessary. I found this article from Jeff Goins to be very timely in my own situation. Please read his article, but here is some of the high points. Lesson 1: Embrace your surroundings While Jeff was “suffering” through Ireland and I am currently not, the beauty of […]

  • Family Vacation 2011-Day 5, Staycation Day

    Today was a great day! We visited the Flint Riverquarium. We saw fish and… turtles. They have a great place. We played the Weather Game! We saw lots of great animals! We went to the aviary. Xander wanted to take some pictures with a turtle. We had a great lunch with some friends! Then we […]

  • Family Vacation 2011-Day 4, Lunch on the road

    Yes, another stop at McDonald’s! It was good to get out and stretch out our legs. Then, we had lunch together. Then, we played some more!

  • Family Vacation 2011-Day 4, Alabama state line

    OK. Some of us are a little bored with traveling! We have reached the Alabama Welcome Center. We still live each other! And, we are still a family!

  • Family Vacation 2011-Day 4, 2nd travel day

    Traveling again today! Kids are doing well so far! They all miss their cousins! We stopped and got something to eat for breakfast. Cameron might be going through a growth spurt. He ate five hotcakes this morning! Life is a highway!