From Jeff Goins: Why Taking a Break from Technology is Sometimes Necessary

Why Taking a Break from Technology is Sometimes Necessary.

I found this article from Jeff Goins to be very timely in my own situation.

Please read his article, but here is some of the high points.

Lesson 1: Embrace your surroundings

While Jeff was “suffering” through Ireland and I am currently not, the beauty of God and His creation is all around us. While I am not usually the person who finds the beauty and joy in the worst places, I am someone who acknowledges that my heavenly Father is there with me. His presence, His glory, His joy makes somewhere, anywhere, beautiful!

Lesson 2: Embrace your inner life

Jeff mentions that the trip gave him the opportunity to “think, pray, and reflect.” A break from technology for me also allows me to meditate. And, yes, I know that there are negative connotations to the idea of meditation. Apparently, someone did not think so in the Bible. We are to “meditate of His word, day and night.”  Let’s not harp over translations or interpretations! Let’s agree that the idea is to focus, concentrate, can I even say obsess over the things of God.

Lesson 3: Embrace inspiration from other sources

While I have not been writing or creating long, I have already fallen into one of the easiest traps.  As soon as I started writing, I stopped reading and listening.  As soon as I stopped reading and listening, I started running out of things to say!

If I may be so bold, I would add another important lesson for me.  Jeff touches on it several times but for me it becomes almost Lesson 0!

Lesson 4: Embrace others!

Starting with my family and friends, I have become better at managing my relationships instead of enjoying them.  I have become better acquainted with their email addresses than their names.  Texting has replaced calling!  Emailing has replaced writing!  “Facebook”-ing or “Twitter”-ing has replaced “care”-ing!  (Yes, I know.  I spelled it wrong to prove a point!)

Once again, take a moment and read Jeff’s post.

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