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  • Salvation Army reinforcements arrive – News – Citizens Voice

    Salvation Army reinforcements arrive – News – Citizens Voice. To help cope with the scope of the damage in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Lee, the Salvation Army has brought in reinforcements.     Local members of the nonprofit, faith-based organization have been on the ground since the flood on Sept. 8-9, and this weekend […]

  • Happy Birthday, TSAMTK.org! – Online Resources

    Original article from http://www.SouthernSpiritOnline.org – http://www.southernspiritonline.org/featured-news/mtk-celebrates-its-first-birthday/ This May, The Salvation Army’s Minsitry Toolkit (MTK) will be celebrating it’s 1st birthday! MTK provides graphics, programs, sermons, devotionals, audio clips, video clips, and links to find more information.  Most of the content that MTK is hosting and will host in the future is uploaded by its’ users. […]