Happy Birthday, TSAMTK.org! – Online Resources

Original article from http://www.SouthernSpiritOnline.orghttp://www.southernspiritonline.org/featured-news/mtk-celebrates-its-first-birthday/

This May, The Salvation Army’s Minsitry Toolkit (MTK) will be celebrating it’s 1st birthday!

MTK provides graphics, programs, sermons, devotionals, audio clips, video clips, and links to find more information.  Most of the content that MTK is hosting and will host in the future is uploaded by its’ users.

While obviously marketed towards Salvation Army programs, MTK offers a variety of resources that could be used by small groups and other congregations.

Lindsey Fleeman is the mastermind behind this amazing service and really puts her heart, soul, and even her sweat and tears into this project.

I highly recommend this resource to users and encourage you to share your creations with MTK!

Give them a visit at www.tsamtk.org and see what you can use today!

SermonGeneral Out!!

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