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  • We Believe: Day 1 – Who Are You Listening To?

    If you have not heard this awesome album, you can listen to it here, or at http://transmission.virb.com/webelieve. Have you ever ridden on public transportation before? Or attended a sports game? Or visited an elementary school? If you have, what do all of these venues have in common? Did you guess it? Noise, sound, voices… Like […]

  • God Notes: Motif

    No matter what, God should be the central theme of our lives. If He is not, what is?

  • Thoughts from Oklahoma: “Above the Skies”

    When I arrived home from Oklahoma, some of the images still went through my mind and heart. Out of those images and the experiences, a song came out! Above the Skies 2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes Verse 1 I look outside my window See the hopeless faces staring They’re looking for a place to go. And when […]

  • All Natural

    It is another beautiful day here at Camp Grandview! I have to confess: I am not a person who spends a lot of time in nature. But, when I am, I am reminded of the meticulous nature of God. When you see the design of a tree or the bend of a hill, it is […]

  • My Week at Conservatory 2011

    I have spent this past week at the 2011 Kimball Music Conservatory at beautiful Camp Grandview, nestled in the North Georgia mountains. This is our Divisional Music Director, Daniel Meeks. This week I have led the Bible class, conducted the Kimball band, taught a composition class, planned a night program, and led vespers every evening. […]

  • fugue (god.notes)

    A fugue is a composition written for three to six voices. Beginning with the exposition, each voice enters at different times, creating counterpoint with one another. A fugue is a complicated piece of music to write and to perform.  While they can be played by a soloist, the best fugues are played by multiple performers […]

  • anacrusis (god.notes)

    Today, we are going to talk about what an anacrusis is and what it does.  Just in case you were wondering, anacrusis is not the name of a city in Southern California. An anacrusis is a pick-up note.  There are instances in music and poetry when, to complete or start a musical phrase, it is […]

  • Facebook Christian or Twitter Christian?

    Before I start, huge props out to my friend, Rob Reardon, at http://rob-reardon.blogspot.com for the inspiration!  Are you a Facebook Christian or a Twitter Christian?  Are you a friend of God or do you follow Him? I have a lot of friends on Facebook.  Once you accept someone as friend, they see what you are doing […]