Thoughts from Oklahoma: “Above the Skies”

When I arrived home from Oklahoma, some of the images still went through my mind and heart. Out of those images and the experiences, a song came out!

Above the Skies

2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes

Verse 1

I look outside my window

See the hopeless faces staring

They’re looking for a place to go.

And when your life gets shaken,

Everything you know is taken

That just leaves one last thing to know…


And I know, I know this life has trouble

Pressing down on my tomorrow

But, I know my God’s above the skies!

And I know, I know through all this yearning

More about Your grace I’m learning

But, I know my God’s above the skies!

Above the skies, above the skies!

Verse 2

I see an Army waiting

Lives are changing, God’s creating

Hope out into this world in need.

From every corner moving

Hands and feet of Christ are loving

To His loud voice is all they heed.


The recording is awful but it gives you an idea! You can click here to listen to it or post this in your browser:

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