Top 5 ways to attract more followers on social networking

Social Networking 101: Top 5 ways to attract more followers on social networking outlets –

The above article was come across the other day and I immediately saw some advantages for ministries, churches, group, and the like.  I am reviewing it here with a spin towards those groups.

  1. Make sure your social ministry contacts are where people can see them.  All of your landing pages should point to other places where more can be found out about you.  Don’t just share your personal places, but share the places where your group gathers, Facebook, websites, Flickr, etc.
  2. Whether it is Lotus Notes, emails, newsletters, even publications, share your social ministry locations.  Also, quick reminder: you friend people on Facebook and follow people on Twitter.
  3. Mix and match your social ministry outlets.  Tell people to follow you on Twitter and remind your fellow tweeters about your Facebook pages.
  4. Just because it is in print, it does not mean you cannot share social ministry locations.  Showing web addresses and using QR codes is a good way to link the physical with the virtual.
  5. Make your content valuable and followable and shareable.  Whether it is devotional thoughts, program ideas, pastoral tips, visitation experiences, write about what is true, but what is interesting to others.  A blogger who blogs without anyone reading it is writing an electronic diary!

I hope these tips can help you develop the online presence of your group.

SermonGeneral Out!!

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