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  • Church Leaders Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Social Media

    Original source article located here: http://dashhouse.com/2011/04/pastors-and-social-media/ Dashhouse.com released a post about pastors and social media.  In this post, the question is raised concerning interaction between pastors and church members online. I think that avoidance of these virtual relationships is impossible and ill-advised.  I think that we ignore social media at our own risk! In October of […]

  • Happy Birthday, TSAMTK.org! – Online Resources

    Original article from http://www.SouthernSpiritOnline.org – http://www.southernspiritonline.org/featured-news/mtk-celebrates-its-first-birthday/ This May, The Salvation Army’s Minsitry Toolkit (MTK) will be celebrating it’s 1st birthday! MTK provides graphics, programs, sermons, devotionals, audio clips, video clips, and links to find more information.  Most of the content that MTK is hosting and will host in the future is uploaded by its’ users. […]

  • Top 5 ways to attract more followers on social networking

    Social Networking 101: Top 5 ways to attract more followers on social networking outlets – KansasCity.com. The above article was come across the other day and I immediately saw some advantages for ministries, churches, group, and the like.  I am reviewing it here with a spin towards those groups. Make sure your social ministry contacts […]