The One Thing I Seek

Our church has daily Bible readings during Advent and today’s reading was Psalm 27:1-4. David shares about a very challenging time in his life. He speaks of the wicked advancing against him (v. 2) who wish to consume him. He tells of an army (v. 3) which surrounds and besieges him. He even refers to all-out war against him. Obviously, David was not having a good day, but he was!


He only asks God for one things during this time of testing, He says that there is only One Thing I Seek. He wants to dwell in God’s house, gaze on the beauty, and seek Him. He does not ask for defenders and revenge on his enemies. He does not even ask for deliverance from his trials. He asks to dwell, look, and seek. These are all very passive stances for a man of action, such as David, to take. Instead of rushing into battle, David wants to stay, look, and watch for God.

I am reminded of how quick I am to immediately ask for God to take things off of me. I am one of the first to cry “holy foul” when things do not go my way. Perhaps, my life could be fuller and more complete, if, during my toughest moments, I would stay, look, and watch for what God is doing in me and in my situation.

Just a thought…

Soli Deo Gloria!


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